Marine Corps JROTC




MCJROTC is at its essence a Leadership Education Program meant solely to develop character and citizenship. Although a comprehensive learning environment anchored in a military structure is not for all students, there is a body of defendable academic knowledge that clearly articulates the significant benefit to those that choose to participate. Our curriculum was the first to be nationally accredited under CITA/SACS and is directly linked to National Standards. Student participation in MCJROTC can often be the strong start needed for their high school experience. MCJROTC will springboard the student to becoming the best version of themselves and position them for future success.


The MCJROTC program mission is to develop courageous, character driven young adults who possess the attributes of personal responsibility and accountability in order to become model citizens in service to the United States.


Since its inception in 1916, the JROTC program has been viewed as a strong program that provides youth with much-needed skills in citizenship and leadership. Additionally, numerous studies have shown that students who participate in JROTC programs have better attendance, grades, and graduation rates relative to students who were in general academic programs. Principals and school administrators also maintain positive attitudes toward JROTC because these programs:

  • Motivate students to learn
  • Foster a disciplined and constructive learning environment
  • Instill essential skills like time organization, responsibility, goal setting, and teamwork


Upcoming MCJROTC Schedule 22-23

Upcoming Events

  1. 45th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr., Parade, 16th of January, 2023
  2. The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test, 17th January, 2023
  3. Tour of the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum, 18 January, 2023
  4. Dayton High School Marine Corps Junior ROTC Drill Competition, Dayton, TX, 21 January, 2023
  5. Krewe of Gambrinus Mardi Gras Parade in Galveston, TX, 11 February, 2023
  6. Texas A&M Corpus Christi Skills Competition, 24-26 February, 2023
  7. Caney Creek High School Navy Junior ROTC “Mad Dog Top Gun” military skills competition, 15 April, 2023
  8. Houston Independent School District Bluebonnet Drill Competition, 22 April, 2023
  9. Windmill Lakes-Orem 1st Annual Military Ball, 22 April, 2023